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What is Vive?

"Vive" is derived from the Latin word vivere, meaning "to live; be alive." We find the same root used in the English word revive, hence the phoenix as the symbol of the services provided at Vive. The phoenix is the symbol of revival and rebirth, as it is born again from the ashes of its predecessor. Our goal is to help our members take back their health to live their lives to their full potential.

Vive Chiropractic is the premier provider of chiropractic services in Bloomington, In and surrounding communities. We stand out among other local chiropractic clinics because of our unique, holistic, and advanced spinal approach designed to address structural and neural integrity. We use the combination of upper cervical and neurological techniques to assess the causes of stress, whether physical, chemical, or emotional, that result in structural, spinal shifts and neural interference. Utilizing the NUCCA standards as the foundation of our care, we are able to address the structural and neural integrity of the whole body. For those who love documentaries, check out this video on the power of upper cervical. In our NeuroStructural Integration care plans we also utilize the protocols of Network Spinal Analysis.

Our unique Approach to Care

At Vive Chiropractic we focus on the development and enhancement of your body's innate ability to heal and self-organize.  We find that when the structure is properly aligned in the most optimal way, our bodies are capable of healing even after years of trauma and degeneration. Therefore, our focus is on Structural Correction, instead of being a general, conventional chiropractic clinic. Our services and complimentary recommendations are always customized to best serve each individual's unique needs. Many people find their symptoms are directly or indirectly related to a Structural Shift, and if there are more components to someone's condition than just a structural component, we will recommend their next course of action for their path to healing.

Our Core Values

Healing comes from within – you are the true source of your healing. Sickness and disease comes when there is interference in the communication of your infinite wisdom that self-organizes your body.

Grateful relationships – Vive Chiropractic and Vive Float Center is built on grateful relationships with our members and each person whom walks through our doors.

Wellness is a lifestyle – health and well-being is a state of continual growth and improvement created by our actions, choices and awareness.

Structure defines function and maximizes life potential– it’s not about your back, it’s about your life. Having an optimal structure is the foundation to the function of your body, for better or for worse. Your ability to function optimally and adapt to stressors, creates the greatest potential for a healthy, happy life.

Health is positive feedback loop – the healthier your body is, the better able you are to make and follow through with healthy choices, which of course makes your body healthier and the cycle repeats.

Customer service – every life is of infinite value and we never take you for granted. We strive for each experience with our office to be extraordinary.

We Hope to See You Soon

If you’d like to learn more about natural chiropractic care and how our focused care plans can help unlock your true health, we’d love to have you. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment - we proudly offer complimentary consultations.

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Meet the Doctor

Structural chiropractor

josh clampitt

Dr. Josh knew from elementary school he wanted to be a chiropractor after his parents took him to a conventional chiropractor for wellness care. Unfortunately, like many adventurous children with plenty of falls during his toddler years, as the years went by he began experiencing back and neck pain from an increasing displacement of his head and neck over his shoulders. Once he began his chiropractic studies he discovered Structural Chiropractic. It was only through this new approach that he found relief from his symptoms as his body began to heal after his first Structural Correction from his soon-to-be mentor in Wisconsin. 

He was born and raised outside of Bedford, IN and graduated from  Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a physics minor. He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa where he began studying Structural Chiropractic outside of the standard chiropractic curriculum. He found from the beginning of his education that the specificity of the NUCCA upper cervical technique provided the best and longest lasting correction of the spine, resulting in better patient results. He is 1 of only around 300 doctors trained to provide a Structural Correction with the advanced form of NUCCA protocols.

Dr. Josh chose to return to the Bloomington area to serve his childhood community through structural chiropractic care. Dr. Josh is committed to providing the highest quality care in Bloomington and South Central Indiana. In his pleasure time, Josh loves reading, playing games with friends, and running the streets and trails of Bloomington or the fields of his childhood, country home. He always has some new creative project usually working with his hands.