Relax. repair. restore. revive.

True R.E.S.T.

Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy

Also known as Flotation Therapy or Sensory Deprivation Therapy.  Our Bloomington, IN luxury float spa will create the perfect space for your mind, body and spirit to heal from the stress of modern life. Relax in your own private pool of mineral rich Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) water that allows all body-types to effortlessly float. 

Feel nothing

Experience the feeling of weightlessness from the high concentration of Epsom salt water that makes everyone float effortlessly removing the sensation and stress from gravity. Combine that with a warm room and water that is set to skin temperature and you will lose yourself in space.

hear nothing

Our float rooms are sound dampened from any outside noises, while the float tank itself is suspended by anti-vibration mats. Combined with earplugs underwater you will come to befriend the sound of true silence. Or play some soothing music directly through each tank to help you get accustomed.

see nothing

Each float room is completely private, blocking any light from getting in. Turn off the float tank light when you begin floating and let the darkness calm your troubles. Or leave the blue float light on to provide a soothing feel until you get acquainted with the comfort of silent space.

Salt Concentrations

    Epsom Salt Bath

Your average Epsom salt home bath will be around 0.35% salt concentration, providing some of the relaxing benefits of magnesium in the comfort of your own home.


Most people have visited the ocean and have an idea of how salty it is. At 10x more salty than your average Epsom salt bath you still won't really notice a difference in how well you float.

Dead Sea

Coming in at around 100x saltier than the Epsom salt bath, anyone who lays back in the dead sea will float effortlessly. People travel from around the world to experience these mineral rich, healing waters.

Float Tank

At 128x the concentration of an average Epsom salt bath at home, you detox and absorb much more all while experiencing the weightlessness of the Dead Sea.

Benefits of Floating

Peace often comes from removing more negative from your life, not necessarily just adding more positive. Floating benefits come simply by removing the stresses and over-stimulation so present in today's society and allows the body to rest, reset, and revive like never before.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

In our stressful world, people are often neurologically stuck in the sympathetic state, a.k.a. "fight-or-flight" mode. Floating provides the perfect environment and experience to reset your body's neurology to the parasympathetic, or "rest-and-digest" mode. The reduced stimulus input of floating goes beyond lying down in your bed at night in a quiet dark room, and really puts you into another world where your body, mind, and soul can relax. You will feel the difference even after you leave, taking the benefits of floating with you. Vive Float Center can be your new sanctuary in Bloomington IN for that much needed personal time to revive your mind from the stress and anxiety of normal life.

Chronic pain and fatigue

Beyond the mental pressure of stress and anxiety, floating offers simple relief of pain from arthritis, sports injuries, pregnancy discomforts, and more. People around the world are floating to help  with conditions such as depression, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Over the past few decades, researchers are compiling studies using Flotation REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) to help with other conditions such as PTST, ADD, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and more chronic pain conditions. Floating is an ideal synergistic therapy to assist with the spinal stabilization of Structural Chiropractic, hence why we offer both at VIve Chiropractic and Float Center in Bloomington IN.

Weightless Pregnancy

Pregnant women probably get more relief from floating than most people. The extra weight carried by the mother-to-be can be very overwhelming due to the forces of gravity. Floating reduces the stress of gravity which can cause joint pain, inflammation, and stress on the organs as well as the unborn baby. Some women have also reported a reduction of erratic movements of the baby inside the womb. This is due to a phenomenon called the “mirror effect”. The baby is safe and secure inside the womb and the mother shares a similar experience in the warm isolation tank. Women report a stronger connection with their baby when exposed to this environment. Consult your physician or midwife if floating is right for you.

Magnesium balancing

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the human body to function properly, yet 80-90% of Americans are estimated to be magnesium deficient. It is not a mineral ideal to absorption through digestion like many other vitamins and mineral, but is absorbed well through the skin. Our bodies uses it in hundreds of different cellular reactions, and is crucial for nerve transmission. Muscles require calcium to contract but will become locked in this structural state unless magnesium is present to relax each muscle fiber. This affects everyday movements and peak athletic performance, but also goes beyond skeletal muscles to the most crucial muscle in your body, the heart. Proper balance of magnesium and calcium is crucial to maintain a healthy, adaptive heartbeat.

Support Athletic performance

Professional athletes like Stephen Curry and J.J. Watt utilize a floating practice to stay in peak physical and mental condition. Research beginning in the 1980's has shown numerous athletic performance benefits to floating such as improved reaction time, improved accuracy, shortened injury recovery time, and reduced lactic acid build-up. It also provides the perfect environment for visualization and training the inner, mental game for your next big event. Professional video gaming teams are even installing them in their facilities to give their players the edge in reaction speed and creative responses.

Boost creativity & enhance mindfulness

Artists and professionals of any kind who flex their creative muscles every day for work or pleasure are amazed by the enhanced sense of creativity and clarity produced by removing mindfulness obstacles and lying in a float tank for an hour or more. Studies over the past few decades show wide ranges of benefits from floating that include: enhanced creativity, improved memory, accelerated critical thinking skills, and enhanced improvisation skills for something like jazz musicians. Float research even shows beneficial changes in brains of people who had just floated in areas of consciousness, cognition, imagination, and personality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will floating help me?

Modern life is stressful for nearly everyone. Traffic, deadlines, constant connection to technology, not enough sleep, final exams, the boss hovering over you… replenishing ourselves in body, mind, and spirit is an essential part of modern wellness. The primary reasons people float are to reduce chronic anxiety, heighten cognitive function and relieve pain. Some people float to escape the bustle of life and relax for a few hours, while others... Read more >>

What does it feel like to float?

Floating feels like nothing, which is (unsurprisingly) difficult to describe. Initially the water is pleasantly warm, but quickly becomes less noticeable as the air and water are set to match the temperature of your skin. This equilibrium, combined with the weightlessness from the buoyant solution, results in very little external stimuli and allows your mind and body room to relax, recover and recharge. The specific experience is... Read more >>

How often should I float to get the benefits?

Single and first floats can often be a profoundly pleasant and relaxing experience. However, there can be a bit of a learning curve requiring a few floats to feel totally comfortable, that's why we offer a 3 float intro pack at a discounted rate. Much like exercise and meditation, floating is a practice that has powerful cumulative effects and is becoming recognized as an essential part of an optimal ongoing wellness practice. You may only realize the full therapeutic potential of floating after multiple sessions. Many people find... Read more >>


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