Experience Peace.

experience Flotation

3 Fantastic Ways to Introduce Yourself to the Restorative Practice of Floating


Single float

Our 60 minute luxury float for the occasional floater. Welcome to physical, mental, and spiritual stress-relief rolled into one.

Preferred Card Rate


+ $30

Couples float

Floating is a deeply personal experience, and to get the full sensation-less experience you need to be able to fully stretch out. However, in some cases, couples floats can be a very beneficial therapy to a couple's relationship.

Just add the couples feature when you schedule your float.

Preferred Card Rate

+ $27


Starter pack

Your first 3 floats (60 minutes, non-shareable) at $40 per float. Expires 60 days from purchase.

Most people find that it takes a few floats to get into the zone and fully relax. This is the perfect sample size to see what this floating experience is all about.

Preferred Card Rate


$36 per float

Monthly Memberships

Next Level Wellness for the individual or family committed to top-notch health at a discount

+    Features

  • Discounted rates for all monthly memberships
  • 3 month commitment to start
  • 100% Shareable. Give floats to whomever you choose.
  • Special Retail Pricing
  • Floats Roll-Over Month to Month
  • Roll-Over Floats Expire 1 Year (365 days) After a Cancelled Membership
  • Access to Members Only Sales
  • Offers displayed below are for 60 minute floats
  • Available for Pregnancy Discount of 20% off (see below)
  • Available for Vive Chiropractic Preferred Card rate of 10% off already discounted rates (see below)


1 float/month

You see how a regular practice can help you optimize your wellness and live a happier life, and you want a great deal with an easy commitment.

Preferred Card Rate



2 floats/month

$48 per float

Twice as nice. Double the floats at an even better rate per float...I guess that's better than just twice as nice!

Preferred Card Rate


$43.20 per float


4 floats/month

$45 per float

The more you float, the higher the impact on your life. Maximum wellness equals maximum you.

Or float some yourself, and pass the others on to family and friends.

Preferred Card Rate


$40.5 per float

Pregnancy Discount

Pregnancy comes with many trials, but we are here to help make it as joyful an experience as possible, by removing the discomforts that often come with carrying around your special little one.

To honor all our pregnant moms and moms-to-be we offer a 20% DISCOUNT on any float session, membership, or package to be used during the pregnancy period. 

+    Features

  • 20% off floats for the pregnant mother
  • Stackable with Vive Chiropractic Preferred Card for a total of 30% off
  • Consult your midwife, doula, or physician to get permission and the discounted rates. If your birthing specialist isn't yet associated with us, give us a call!

Vive Chiropractic Preferred card

Want to get the best rates in the float industry?

Learn more about Vive Chiropractic's different approach to the body in its unique focus called Structural Correction. Ask us for more details.

+    Features

  • 10% off all Vive Float Center's services
  • Receive further reduced rates with monthly, yearly, and packaged deals
  • Stackable with our Pregnancy Discount
  • Just an added benefit to those investing in their Structural Correction


Ready to invest in your health?