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Atlas Displacement Complex effects

Experience the Structural Difference

Structural Chiropractic is quite different from conventional chiropractic in that it focuses on balancing  the Structural Shifts within the body. Structural Shifts can be seen such as: the head sitting to the left or right closer to one shoulder or the other, uneven shoulders or hips, or one foot turning out more than the other when standing. They can also be felt, for example: when a muscle on the left or right side of the body is always tighter than the same muscle on the opposite side, or when you have a chronic pain problem in the back, head, or neck.

We look to address the primary condition of these issues through a Structural Correction. We correct the structure on Day 1 by balance your neurology with a bio-mechanically specific correction that is absent of excessive manipulative force. After that we simply monitor your structure to make sure it stabilizes and your correction holds. It is not a question of how many adjustments does it take to see results, but rather a matter of holding your correction and healing in alignment.

The Ultimate Body Recovery and Relaxation experience

Flotation Therapy, also known as sensory deprivation therapy or R.E.S.T. (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy), is an experience like no other. You are floating in a tank only 10" deep of water with 900 lbs of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) mixed in. The salt water is more concentrated than the Dead Sea so you actually float without trying to. The high magnesium levels provide the perfect environment for your body to absorb what it needs through the skin to aid in muscle relaxation and recovery.

Besides balancing body magnesium levels, the float rooms and tanks provide an environment designed to relax the body and reset that monkey mind of ours. In your own private, warm, sound dampened, dark room, you lose all sensation as you float without seeing anything, hearing anything, or feeling anything. The most common reason people come to float are for pain, stress, and anxiety relief, but the benefits reach far beyond.  The entire experience is nothing short of reviving,

Hoosier crossfit specials

This special offer is the best opportunity we provide to explore the uniqueness of our services. A Structural Screening to learn the differences of Structural Chiropractic and whether you have a Structural Shift that can be corrected through a Structural Correction, and an introductory 3 pack of float credits (for use by single person) to experience the restorative effects of sensory deprivation therapy.

$150 off

Initial assessments for structural correction

This offer is for Hoosier Crossfit members looking to balance their structure with a neurological adjustment completely unique from conventional chiropractic. Simply come in for a structural screening to see if this approach will solve your goals of a balanced, symmetrical, upright structure, and if we decide this approach is right for you you will receive the best discount we offer.


  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Structural Screening
  • $150 off the initial assessments of your complete Structural Correction


3 Float Intro Pack

Most people find that it takes a few floats to get a feel for floating and see if it something they would like to continue to incorporate into their health practice. With this intro pack you get to experience just that. 


  • 3 Float Intro Pack (Standard rate is $120 for this alone)
    • Float credits of Intro packs must be used within 60 days of purchase and are non-transferable.

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